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Our young guests and their leaders both say great things to us after a week at the Beacon! Here are just a few.

Children’s comments

“I really like the activities we did. I can’t wait to come again. It’s good to go there because on the climbing wall/zip wire you can conquer your fear of heights.” (Poppy)

“At Lee Abbey my favourite activity was crate stacking. When the crates were pushed it scared me first but then we were hanging and it was fun.” (Morgan)

“My friend Tilly and I enjoyed the zip wire. It was a gorgeous view. Thank you.” (Kimmy)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the crate stacking. I was surprised how high me and my friend got them. Thank you!” (Isabelle)

“My favourite point was jumping off the ledge of the zip wire. Thank you everyone at the Beacon.” (Lillie)

“My favourite part was the crate stacking because we got really high on our stack.” (Ashton)

“My favourite moment at the Beacon Centre was when I almost scored a bullseye in archery! Thank you to everyone at the Beacon for giving the West Exmoor Federation such an amazing experience!” (Zoe)

“My friends Kimmy and Lillie and I liked the bushcraft. Thank you for a lovely time.” (Tilly)

“My favourite activity was trying to find the numbers.” (Lanner)

“It was really good because the activities were great.”

“Breakfasts were excellent.”

“Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it.

“It was awesome.”

Staff comments

“We liked the fact that the leaders stayed with their groups all week – it was really good for building up relationships with the kids.” (Holy Trinity Calne)

“The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had great opportunities to improve their teamwork.” (Lympsham)

“The instructors used language well to calm and encourage the children.” (St Michael’s Minehead)

“Activities were tailored and suited to individual needs.” (St Michael’s Minehead)

“There was a great range of activities that allowed children to step out of their comfort zone and succeed.”  (St Michael’s Minehead)

“All activities were a great ‘leveller’ and those who stayed in the background were the best at certain activities.” (St Michael’s Minehead)